Stacey Hebditch

I am a designer interested in the interaction between body dehumanisation and technological innovation.

Exhibition setup.

Exhibition setup.

Chosen exhibition images.

Visualisation of textile outcomes.

Jellyfish exploratory work.

Documenting the dehydration process.

Water Gel Bead exploratory work.

The ‘Coral Reef and its Inhabitants’ project continued from a thread in the previous semester: exploring the intersection between natural and man-made elements in a given environment.  I changed this environment to focus on the huge diversity within a coral reef and its function as one of the biggest natural growing superstructures.  Initial drawings explored the textures and mood of the reef, and the repetition and layering of elements to make a whole. As material development progressed, I discovered water gel beads which expand and hydrate with water and can also be dyed.  Linking this to the way in which coral, when stressed, bleaches itself and loses its colour,  the rehydration of materials resulted in loss of colour.  Their ‘wet’ feel also encouraged tactile interaction with the pieces, which were intersected with natural materials, such as moss and starfish.  The beads were used to build up a structure, furthering the idea of the multiple.  Jellyfish became the focus of invasion within the reef, providing a complete material contrast with their light-weight properties.  Organza and laminate were used to convey this contrast and pastel colours were adopted in opposition to the red of the ‘coral.’       


The Brighton Project revolved around the intersection between natural and man-made materials, and the concept of Brighton’s transformation from day to night.  Brighton’s main focus is its beach culture, with subtle pastel daytime colours.  As the day moves into the night, this is invaded by a livlier culture.  As a result, my textile outcomes are subtle and neutral looking by day.   Natural elements, such as the grass, were grown in luminous ink, lighting up under UV rays to document this transformation process.  Work was visualised for a fashion context to represent how the individuals within Brighton are responsible for the changing culture.